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Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System


The NUCTECH™ MT0200BX Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System including MT0200BX-SC, MT0200BX-CC and MT0200BX-V, is a mobile inspection system adopting backscatter imaging technology. The core backscatter system is installed on a commercial van.

The Inspection System with small footprint and flexibility could inspect cargoes or vehicles non-intrusively. The car body could be camouflaged according to customers’ requirements, suitable for concealed inspection in different places. The Inspection System is suitable for drug trafficking, anti-explosive and anti-terrorist activities by police and border authorities, etc.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection MT0200 BX
 NUCTECH™ Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection MT0200 BX

Technical features

  • Backscatter Imaging

Backscatter imaging can highlight organic materials (e.g. explosives and drugs), which helps the analyst to find the contrabands and dangerous goods concealed among the cargoes or in the vehicles effectively.

  • Concealed Inspection

The Inspection System with small footprint, light weight and well road adaptability could inspect the cargoes or vehicles in concealed way. The appearance of the car body could be camouflaged according to customers’ requirements.

  • Wide Scanning Range

The Inspection System could scan the object from 0m(above the ground)when it is 1m away from the object.

  • Multi-function Integration

The Inspection System can be integrated with various auxiliary devices including License Plate Recognition (LPR) System and Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS), etc., hence providing comprehensive information of the goods under inspection.

  • Easy Operation

The driver does not need to pay attention to the speed all the time, and consistent images can be generated in real time within the permitted speed range. One operator can complete the system operation and image analysis.

  • High Penetration Capability

The Inspection System with high penetration capability could provide images with higher quality, hence the scanning information is more comprehensive

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