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Radiation Detection Devices

Vehicle Radiation Portal Monitors

Optimized to detect radioactive and special nuclear materials by their emitted gamma-ray and neutron radiation

Radiation Monitoring System For Persons

Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitors to detect radioactivity and identify radionuclides.

Handheld Radiation Monitor

Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitors to detect radioactivity and identify radionuclides.

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Radiation data including on-site dose rate, local nuclide information, meteorological monitoring, and system performance.

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Detect radiation with Nuctech

For those who work with or around radiation, one of the most important factors is an awareness of the levels of radiation around them. This is primarily accomplished through the use of radiation detection devices.

NUCTECH provides a series of products for monitoring radioactive substances and measuring nuclear radiation, which helps customers monitor existing radiation sources, automatically monitor the level of radioactive environment and crack down on the transportation of illegal nuclear materials.

A basic understanding of the different types of detectors and how they work can help finding the best detector for the required task. Next to that, elementary knowledge about these radiation detection devices could be utilized by maximizing the benefits of operating that detector.That’s why we are sharing key elements about this radiation detection technology.

Nuctech radiation detection systems

NUCTECH RM Series Radiation detectors are designed to prevent the illicit transportation of nuclear materials at border and customs checkpoints, seaports, airports, nuclear power plants, and other critical infrastructure.

Adopting an advanced NaI(TI) gamma detector with a multichannel analyzer, the Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitor is capable of providing rapid and reliable detection and identification of nuclides. NaI scintillators featuring high gamma-ray energy resolution are widely used for radionuclide identification applications. An optional neutron monitoring module can enhance the detection capability of shielded Special Nuclear Material (SNM).

Nuctech offers a wide range of models with various configurations to meet devise application requirements:

The RM1000NH is a walk-through portal for monitoring pedestrians, while the RM0300NH with a single pillar is suitable for monitoring pedestrians and in-line items of baggage. The RM2000NH is a double-sided type for monitoring vehicles and cargo RM3000NH is designed for the monitoring of trains. The RM0400NH characterized by lightweight portability is suitable for emergency response applications.

Nuctech Company Limited offers RM0100 series handheld radionuclide identifier for detection and identification of gamma radiation in a passive way.

The RM0100 series is capable of radiation source search, dose rate measurement, and radionuclide identification with outstanding sensitivity and reliability, and an optional neutron monitoring module can enhance the capability of detecting shielded Special Nuclear Material (SNM).

Working 24 hours a day, Nuctech’s Environmental Radiation Monitoring Stations automatically generate data analysis and measurements, ultimately transmitting the results to a designated data collection center.

Nuctech detection and monitoring systems for safety

Nuctech is a globally advanced provider of security inspection products and solutions. Innovation is at the core of the growth of Nuctech. Owing to relentless R&D efforts, Nuctech strives to stay at the forefront of the market.

Besides radiation detection systems, NUCTECH offers a great variety in security inspection systems, including full body scanners, hand luggage scanners, checked baggage scanners, mail and air cargo inspection systems, and narcotic and explosive trace detectors.

Powered by a commitment to innovation and customization to meet the unique requirements of each customer, Nuctech is a trusted security partner in more than 170+ countries and 400 airports and air cargo facilities worldwide.

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