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Customs Management System

It is a nationally unified working platform of electronic clearance information by setting up two data backup & disaster recovery centers, and by utilizing pki, otn and other technologies, to provide enterprises with one-stop clearance services.

We have adopted an integrated management solution on filing and declaration of import and export goods and companies, and inward and outward means of transport, to help customs tackle thorny issues such as inward and outward supervision, collection of customs duty and anti-smuggling inspections.

Customs Management System (referred to ViSight) brings the whole customs clearance process into supervision, and our technology can be tailored to the customs supervision requirements of different countries.

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Customs Supervision & Command Center

The customs supervision and command center focus on the safety of national import and export goods.

It is a business system that can provide management users with many functions, such as status monitoring of onsite inspection systems, auditing of onsite staffs’ operation, and data mining of the inspection data generated by onsite inspection systems.

It can be widely used among customs who own one or more sets of container/vehicle inspection systems.

It’s supervision center

Through CCTV, all inspection process can be monitored in center (7*24 hours nonstop recording with no blind angle).

It’s Risk Warning Center
System can intelligently evaluate risk and prompt alarms to assist decision-making.

It is a centralised auditing center
Audit towards suspicious behaviour of each site, can be done in center, with lower audit cost.

It’s an efficient knowledge sharing platform
Image analysts could be educated in center.

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Customs Logistics Supervision Solution

It realizes Headquarters’ whole journey surveillance on all inland transit vehicles. The system consists of two parts –Inspection Port and Surveillance Center.

On Port, vehicles or containers are inspected by a standard inspection tunnel, and then locked by an smart lock; The security smart lock is researched and developed by Nuctech, with GPS and wireless network, we can monitor on the platform the location and status information of the in real time.

Meanwhile, the X-ray scan images of the containers and vehicles will also be stored in the security smart lock, which is bound to the unique document with its container number, license plate number, and manifest information, and other types on information according to the business requirements.

The information of any monitored vehicle can be monitored and transferred at any time on the platform to check or control its implementation. We have variety of smart lock for different cargos, the same business logic and the regulation method can be applied to the category of police, used for regulations of persons transportation, special goods transportation, etc.

In the case of illegal opening, deviation from established routes (example), long-term detention n(example), the platform will send out automatic alarm function, and we can call the nearby police force at any time.

The combination of smart locks and platform can be applied to police operation, too, for transportation of persons, and special goods, etc.

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Customs Port Modernisation

Nuctech port modernisation solution is composed of Port Modernisation Information System Construction ,Business Process Construction, Infrastructure Construction.

We put forward appropriate solutions according to different characteristics and needs of both current and newly-constructed ports so as to meet modernisation needs of various port types.

Nuctech could plan appropriate modernised port business process and site design plan based on Nuctech’s Integrated standardised port scheme as well as customers' own demands and characteristics.

Besides, Nuctech can put forward right solutions for ports such as highway, railway, harbour and airport to meet the needs of customs modernisation for different application scenarios.

Centralised management and intelligent data analysis on national port data help to provide data for risk valuation and decision making to lower illegal trade level

The benefits are :

  1. Automatic management and control of ports simplify foreign trade process and improve clearance efficiency
  2. Establish operation and management mechanisms for personnel, vehicles and goods crossed at border inspection area , and employ a set of unified system to control all aspects
  3. Informationise business management and minimise human intervention to enhance integrity of customs officials
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Special Control Area

Special Control Area is a closed area in which special customs supervision systems and policies are implemented for a country or region to attracting foreign investment, expanding export and promoting transit trade.

SCA bears multiple functions which includes bonded warehouse storage, processing and manufacturing, international procurement, distribution and delivery, international transit, port operations, etc.

  • Realise customs’ network supervision for enterprises in the zone and reduce risks of smuggling and tax loss by means of informatisation
  • Establish standardised management standard and process in SCA and effectively solve the problem of lacking of customs human resources
  • Integrate all kinds of modern information technology and high-tech equipment to significantly reduce business operation cost of proprietors and enterprises
  • Applicable to all kinds of customs special supervision zone or supervision sites and can be customised according to user requirements
  • Gate automatic collection of vehicles on sites and container information and more strict law enforcement to reduce the risk of human intervention
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