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NUCTECHTM BX Series Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an X-ray inspection system adopting Backscatter Imaging Technology owned and developed by NUCTECH. Equipped with high performance detectors, the system scans objects by using low-energy X-ray and generates picture-like images by receiving backscattered rays.

Backscatter Imaging Technology can highlight organic materials (e.g. explosives and drugs), which helps the analyst to find the contraband and dangerous goods among cargoes or hidden in the vehicles.

Considered different application scenarios, NUCTECH has developed various backscatter inspection systems including inspection vans, empty container inspection products, and more for serving customs, police, national defense, large-scale events etc. NUCTECH also provides backscatter imaging modules which can be seamlessly integrated with other NUCTECHTM cargo/vehicle inspection systems and operate collaboratively for a more comprehensive and accurate security solution.

Products of this Series


Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System


A mobile inspection system adopting backscatter imaging technology. The core backscatter system is installed on a commercial van.

  • Backscatter Imaging
  • Concealed Inspection
  • Wide Scanning Range

Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System


A fast-scan inspection system that adopts backscatter imaging technology, with low-energy X-ray and high sensitivity detector.

  • Backscatter imaging
  • Multiple-row arrangement and inspection
  • Intelligent empty container identification algorithm

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