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Fixed Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Non-invasive inspection of cargo containers and trucks.

Relocatable Container and Vehicle Inspection System

Scanning cargo containers and vehicles at seaports, airports and border crossings.

Robot-like Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Easily recolorable detection solution to screen cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles for contraband.

Mobile X-Ray Vehicle Scanning System

Using the latest Interlaced Dual-energy (IDE) Imaging Technology.

Fast-Scan Container and Vehicle Inspection System

A high throughput, drive-through cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection system.

Vehicle And Cargo Inspection System

An ideal portal security solution for precise, non-intrusive inspection for cargoes and various vehicles

Passenger Car Inspection System

Quickly and accurately identifying concealed contraband and dangerous goods in passenger vehicles.

Railway Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

A reliable solution for non-intrusive and rapid inspection of railroad vehicles.

Air Cargo Screening

Quick and accurate detection of concealed contraband and other prohibited items.

Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Backscatter Imaging Technology owned and developed by NUCTECH, extremely helpful for organic materials inspection

Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System - WETAN

Using the latest backscatter X-ray imaging technology. The interior of the targets can be clearly imaged in real time.

AI Inspection System - WEKNOW

New generation intelligent image analysis products for X-ray scanners based on a deep learning algorithm with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate.

Consolidated Air Cargo CT Inspection system

Innovative air cargo inspection system, designed to fully meet the needs of air cargo transport.

Cargo X-Ray Scanner

Engineered in large tunnel sizes for palletized cargo screening

X-ray CT Cabin Baggage Screening / Inspection System

Designed with high throughput and cutting-edge CT technology for checkpoint solution.

X-Ray CT Baggage Scanner / Inspection System

Powered by advanced spiral CT and dual-energy technology for hold baggage inspection.

X-Ray Hand Baggage Screening / Inspection System

Engineered for X-ray inspection in all checkpoint configurations including at airports, mass transit stations, critical infrastructure, and customs facilities

X-Ray Hold Baggage Screening / OOG Baggage Inspection System

Leverage advanced dual-energy material classification and optimized X-ray sensors to enhance imaging, throughput, and detection capabilities

Mobile X-Ray Machine

Inspection system for baggage screening, with various tunnel sizes and dual-view options.

Handheld Backscatter Inspection System

Scan for threats in challenging locations including tires, vehicle doors, bags, mechanical parts, walls, and commercial goods.

AI Inspection System

An open architecture software that integrates deep learning algorithms and intelligent image.

X-Ray Body Scanner Inspection System

Low-dose X-ray transmission imaging technology, with open tunnel and walk-through design.

Millimeter Wave Human Body Scanner

A high-performance, proven people screening solution with high contrast, real-time images.

Terahertz Imaging System

A high- performance, stand-off people screening solution.

Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector

Reliably detect and identify trace amounts of explosives, narcotics, and other threats.

Raman Spectrometer

Identify explosives, narcotics, liquids, and other threats.

Vehicle Radiation Portal Monitors

Optimized to detect radioactive and special nuclear materials by their emitted gamma-ray and neutron radiation

Radiation Monitoring System For Persons

Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitors to detect radioactivity and identify radionuclides.

Handheld Radiation Monitor

Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitors to detect radioactivity and identify radionuclides.

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Radiation data including on-site dose rate, local nuclide information, meteorological monitoring, and system performance.

Temperature Screening Solutions

Screening system FeverBlock combines infrared thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology into one.

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