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Nuctech can also provide security detection solutions for users from various industries, such as substance identification, metal detection, analysis and irradiation processing, etc.

  • Radiation Processing

  • Food Testing and Screening

  • Jewelry and Drug

  • Mineral Substance Analysis

  • Postal Logistics Security Solutions

  • Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions

  • Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Our products vary in a wide range of techniques, solutions and applications. Clients can be found in area's which have a high risk profile, contain high value products or critical processes.
Nuctech Security detection | security detectors

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Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector

NUCTECH™ TR1000QC is a novel handheld multifunction trace detector model based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS), built on the 16-years-field-proven TR series.


Handheld Radioactivity Monitoring System

Nuctech Company Limited offers RM0100 series handheld radionuclide identifier for detection and identification of gamma radiation in a passive way.


Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring System

Nuctech Company Limited offers a series of Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitors to detect radioactivity and identify radionuclides, for preventing illicit trafficking of radioactive material at border and customs checkpoints, airports and nuclear power plants, etc.


Handheld Backscatter Inspection System

A contactless, handheld real-time imaging system that accurately detects contraband concealed in enclosed spaces and the interlayer of various materials.

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