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Explosives detection & narcotics identifier

Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector

Reliably detect and identify trace amounts of explosives, narcotics, and other threats.

Raman Spectrometer

Identify explosives, narcotics, liquids, and other threats.

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Today’s life is unfortunately sometimes dominated by aggressive, threatening, and dangerous incidents. Some of these incidents occurred during events such as concerts, conferences, significant sports events, or other meetings. The prevalence of criminal activity that entails the transportation of weapons and contraband materials has been a significant public concern.

To prevent these incidents, NUCTECH’s Explosives detectors can check for weapons, explosives, and other dangerous items.

NUCTECH offers comprehensive security inspection systems, including full body scanners, hand luggage scanners, checked baggage scanners, mail and air cargo inspection systems, metal arches, narcotic and explosive trace detectors, and computed tomography systems with three-dimensional images.

The detection of illicit drugs and narcotics being transported is also of concern.

The detection of contraband in the context of air and rail transportation is especially challenging, given the need to examine large numbers of people and articles of luggage and cargo within acceptable limits on throughput and intrusiveness.

Innovation is at the core of the growth of Nuctech. Owing to relentless R&D efforts, Nuctech strives to stay at the forefront of the market.

NUCTECH has provided flexible, reliable, efficient, and fast stationary security management control integrated solutions according to the security requirements of major events to ensure the smooth running of large-scale activities. Our scope of products ranges from security detectors to full-body scanners.

Of particular concern is the need to detect items used as weapons by terrorists, including ordinary firearms and knives, items such as explosive or incendiary substances, and materials that present biological, chemical, or radiological hazards to people and property. The products in the explosives detection devices of Nuctech help security staff with all of that.

Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector

NUCTECH™ TR Series Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector (ETD) reliably detect and identify trace amounts of explosives, narcotics, and other threats found on a variety of surfaces including baggage, air cargo, clothing, and skin.

Adopting a patented trace detection technology based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry, TR Series provides high sensitivity and an expandable detection library to quickly analyze suspected threats and adapt to new security challenges and mandates.

As a result, TR systems are trusted and deployed globally including at airports, air cargo facilities, and customs agencies.

TR Series include TR2000DC desktop model for checkpoint security screening, TR1000QC handheld model for portable and field use with lightweight, rugged features and rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and TR3000DE high-throughput model for landside security and risk assessment application.

Raman Spectrometer for explosives detection and narcotics detection

Built to identify threats quickly and accurately in the field, NUCTECH™ RT Series Raman Spectrometers identify explosives, narcotics, liquids, and other threats including industrial chemicals and precursors in a single step and without potentially dangerous sample consumption.

Leveraging a non-destructive testing light and user-friendly interface, both desktop and handheld RT Spectrometers reliably deliver results in approximately five seconds. These explosives detectors are ergonomic and lightweight. This means that RT Spectrometers are optimized for deployment to transportation facilities, border crossings, seaports, military facilities, government installations, critical infrastructure, and major events.

Nuctech is a globally advanced provider of security inspection products and solutions regarding cargo and vehicle security.

Powered by a commitment to innovation and customization to meet the unique requirements of each customer, Nuctech is a trusted security partner in more than 170+ countries and 400 airports and air cargo facilities worldwide.

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