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Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System


The NUCTECH™ FS0200BX Fast-Scan Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is a fast-scan inspection system that adopts backscatter imaging technology. By low-energy X-ray and high sensitivity detector which is independent developed, the system is capable of identifying the contraband concealed in the cargo/vehicle.

The system is especially suitable for land border, entrance of important areas, seaport or other places for fast inspection of vehicles such as container trucks, buses, and passenger cars, etc. It could also be seamless integrated with all types of NUCTECH transmission inspection systems while work together properly, to provide comprehensive inspection solution accordingly.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection FS0200 BX
 NUCTECH™ Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection FS0200 BX

Technical features

  • Backscatter imaging

Backscatter imaging can highlight organic materials (e.g. explosives and drugs), which helps the inspector to find the contraband and dangerous goods concealed among the cargoes or in the vehicles.

  • Multiple-row arrangement and inspection

For places with heavy traffic flow and many lanes, the Inspection System can be arranged in multiple rows, and carry out quick inspection of multiple rows of vehicles at the same time to improve inspection efficiency.

  • Intelligent empty container identification algorithm

By intelligent empty container identification algorithm, the Inspection System can automatically judge the state of empty container and report the alarm.

  • Multi-function integration

The Inspection System can be integrated with various auxiliary devices including License Plate Recognition (LPR) System, Container Code Recognition (CCR) System and Radioactivity Monitor (RM), Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS), etc., hence providing comprehensive information of the goods under inspection.

  • Small footprint & easy deployment

The Inspection System with no civil work occupies small footprint and it could be deployed quickly, suitable for all kinds of checkpoints, gates and other places with limited space.

  • Dual-energy transmission imaging(Optional)

The Inspection System can be equipped with the NUCTECH transmission detector to generate dual-energy transmission images, so as to achieve comprehensive inspection information.

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