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Security scanning systems for airports

Nuctech is committed to provide comprehensive and best-fit airport security scanning solutions to our customer to enhance both the airport security and the passenger experience.

Checkpoint security scanners

Civil aviation is so much more than just locations to catch planes, grab a meal, or do some duty-free shopping; it is an industry that is responsible for the largest investments that a city and region makes.

It connects a city or region with the rest of the world, bringing people and goods with it. To provide a premium service, an airport must meet the travellers’ needs of safety, convenience, efficiency, and comfort.

NUCTECH offers a comprehensive airport security inspection system, including full body scanners, hand luggage scanner, checked baggage scanner, mail and air cargo inspection systems, metal arches, narcotic and explosive trace detectors, and computed tomography systems with three-dimensional images.

In the same way, NUCTECH offers automated tray return systems or systems for Self Check In, ideal equipment to facilitate a very comfortable inspection experience for travellers.

Nuctech airport security scanners | aviation

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NUCTECH™ Kylin Ti is a newly developed X-ray security inspection system for hand luggage. The advanced dual-energy technology deployed, Kylin Ti is capable of detecting explosives, liquid explosives, narcotics, and other contrabands automatically with a lower false alarm rate.



The Nuctech™ MW1000AA uses safe, millimeter radio wave (MMW) technology to automatically detect concealed objects hidden inside or under clothing, including but not limited to metal/non-metallic weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics etc.



NUCTECH™ TR2000DC is the latest desktop trace detector model based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) and non-radioactive ionization source, built on the 15-years-field-proven TR series.

Hold baggage scanning systems

Powered by a commitment to innovation and customisation to meet the unique requirements of each customer, Nuctech is a trusted security partner in more than 170 countries and 400 airports and air cargo facilities worldwide.

From 20 service depots and five factories strategically located around the world, Nuctech focuses on helping improve global civil aviation security. NUCTECH system supports high resolution 2D and 3D images.

Capable of automated detection and alarm for explosives, liquid explosives and narcotics with high accuracy and low FAR. It has a small footprint & light weight. With the dual-energy CT technology, material information is acquired to colourise different materials with different colours in 3D images.

Capable of inspecting the detected objects in 360 degrees free of blind corners with a more intuitive image and improve the detection probability of contraband.

Nuctech aviation baggage screening system

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The NUCTECH™ XT2100HS is a newly developed CT (Computed Tomography) inspection system developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED. The system innovatively combines dual-energy material discrimination technology with spiral CT technology.



NUCTECH™ WooKong H X-ray CT Inspection System is the latest generation of X-ray CT inspection system developed and produced independently by Nuctech Company Limited.



NUCTECH™ XT2080AD is a newly developed CT (Computed Tomography) inspection system developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED. The system innovatively combines dual energy material discrimination technology with spiral CT technology.

Air cargo screening

Air cargo comes in various sizes, shapes, materials and packages, posing challenges for efficient screening. NUCTECH has a full range of screening solutions available for air cargo security operations, with various options for different scenarios.

Aside from the traditional X-ray scanners, new technologies like Computed Tomography (CT) have been introduced to cargo operations. CT scanners specialise in improving detection capabilities by providing 3D images with rich volumetric information of the package contents. With 360-degree perspectives in sight, overlapping can be properly addressed and concealed dangerous items can be easily detected.

For break bulk cargo, packages could be scanned with the ECAC-approved NUCTECH XT Series to identify a wide range of prohibited and dangerous goods, including explosives, illegal drugs, weapons and lithium batteries.

When integrated with cargo facilities, the scanners can be operated in an inline mode, ensuring a high throughput of 1,800 items per hour, making sure safe parcels go through seamlessly, especially during peak times.

Nuctech aviation Air cargo solution

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The NUCTECH™ CTitan Consolidated Air Cargo CT Inspection System is the first air cargo CT equipment that is designed to fully meet the needs and applications of air cargo transportation.



The NUCTECH™ AC6000DE Air Cargo Inspection System adopting electron linear accelerator as the radiation source is ideal for the inspection of bulk palletised cargos and airfreight containers.



NUCTECHT™ CX180180DH X-ray Inspection System, NUCTECH’s new generation product of dual-view dual-energy X-ray inspection machine for inspection of large parcels as well as pallet cargos.



NUCTECH™ CX150180SI X-ray Inspection System, NUCTECH 's new generation product for large parcel inspection is an advanced multi-energy X-ray security inspection system with tunnel dimensions of 1550mm width and 1806mm height.

Security scanning via artificial intelligence

With NUCTECH’s air cargo security scanning solution, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based automatic detection algorithms have been integrated to enable automatic detection of an ever-expanding list of prohibited or dangerous items.

With their quick speed, AI algorithms can greatly help operators, especially the less experienced staff, to speed-up and improve their image analysis performance. Free from fatigue or distraction, AI can also help maintain the consistency of decision-making, even when the workforce is highly volatile in the time of COVID-19.”

Additionally, AI is a fast learner. By feeding more images into its ‘brain’, it quickly evolves to be more skillful at detecting suspicious items with steady performance.

WEKNOW, a proprietary NUCTECH AI platform, integrates deep learning algorithms and intelligent image analysis into X-ray systems. Reducing subjective human interpretation and leveraging an expandable detection library, WEKNOW increases throughput while minimising manual inspections and false alarm rates.

WEKNOW 500 2

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WEKNOW 100 AI inspection system, independently developed by NUCTECH Company Limited, is the new generation intelligent image analysis product for NUCTECH X-ray scanners. The system is based on deep learning algorithm which enables the automatic recognition of various contrabands such as knives and guns.



The NUCTECH™ WEKNOW 300 Al inspection system, independently developed by Nuctech Company Limited, is one of the new generation intelligent image analysis products for X-ray scanners. Based on deep learning algorithm, it is capable of automatic recognition of various contraband with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate.



The NUCTECH™ WEKNOW 500 Al inspection system, independently developed by Nuctech Company Limited, is one of the new generation intelligent image analysis products for X-ray scanners. Based on a deep learning algorithm, it is capable of automatic recognition of various contraband with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate.

Digital screening for smarter security

Airport security scanners aside, centralised management is also on the rise to optimise system operations and human resource allocation.

With a patented smart management system in place, the solution combines all screening equipment together and integrates the rich data collected from each component to assist operators in real time, including cargo information, scanned images, operational data, system status, etc.

It enables centralised image processing (CIP), in which images can be automatically sent to the next available screener despite their physical location, allowing for optimised and flexible resource management and reduced operational costs.

We have our own smart system, which can be easily integrated to customers system.

Nuctech monitor system

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