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We strive to provide security through innovation of detection and screening technology

Nuctech security inspection equipment

Nuctech is a globally advanced provider of security inspection products and solutions. Building on independent innovations and customer demands, Nuctech has supplied customers in more than 170 countries and regions with the most advanced innovative technologies, excellent quality products and integrated security inspection solutions and services.

Our security inspection equipment


Cargo & Vehicle

Scanning cargo containers and vehicles at seaports, airports and border crossings.


Baggage, Pallets & Parcel

Solutions that screens hand luggage and air freight cargo fast and accurate.


Body Scanners

High-performance, proven people screening solutions with high contrast, real-time imaging.


Explosives & Narcotics

Reliably detect and identify trace amounts of explosives, narcotics, and other threats.



High penetration capability, and powerful image processing with high quality material discrimination.


Epidemic Control

Infrared thermal, and visible light imaging technology, for real-time temperature screening.

Security screening

Nuctech has one of the most extensive product portfolios in the security and screening sector. The most representative of these are the mobile, cargo and vehicle inspection, baggage and parcel inspection, personnel screening, explosives, narcotics detection and liquids inspection.

Nuctech - Specialist in Security Inspection



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Blog post

NUCTECH Plays an Important Role in the Fight against Drugs Globally

NUCTECH has greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of drug detection and helped the customs and related agencies around the world to stop a large amount of drugs from flowing into the society.




Press release

We are On a Mission to Fight Climate Change

We are happy to announce our partnership with Regreener.B.V to compensate our carbon footprint and regreening the world.




Press release

Nuctech’s Commercial Performance Must be judged on Merit With No Political Prejudice

In response to the Associated Press article (“Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military”, 20 January 2022), Nuctech would like once again to stress that it is a self-supporting and profitable company, fully independent from any government policies.




Its core products have been approved by regulatory agencies, including the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the UK Department for Transport (DfT) and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).

  • CE Complied
  • STAC Certified
  • CSA Certified
  • ECAC
  • FCC
  • RoHS
  • SASO
  • TSA
  • TUV
  • EAC

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