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Cargo Inspection & Vehicle Scanners

Fixed Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Non-invasive inspection of cargo containers and trucks.

Relocatable Container and Vehicle Inspection System

Scanning cargo containers and vehicles at seaports, airports and border crossings.

Robot-like Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Easily recolorable detection solution to screen cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles for contraband.

Mobile X-Ray Vehicle Scanning System

Using the latest Interlaced Dual-energy (IDE) Imaging Technology.

Fast-Scan Container and Vehicle Inspection System

A high throughput, drive-through cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection system.

Vehicle And Cargo Inspection System

An ideal portal security solution for precise, non-intrusive inspection for cargoes and various vehicles

Passenger Car Inspection System

Quickly and accurately identifying concealed contraband and dangerous goods in passenger vehicles.

Railway Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

A reliable solution for non-intrusive and rapid inspection of railroad vehicles.

Air Cargo Screening

Quick and accurate detection of concealed contraband and other prohibited items.

Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Backscatter Imaging Technology owned and developed by NUCTECH, extremely helpful for organic materials inspection

Backscatter Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System - WETAN

Using the latest backscatter X-ray imaging technology. The interior of the targets can be clearly imaged in real time.

AI Inspection System - WEKNOW

New generation intelligent image analysis products for X-ray scanners based on a deep learning algorithm with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate.

Consolidated Air Cargo CT Inspection system

Innovative air cargo inspection system, designed to fully meet the needs of air cargo transport.

Cargo X-Ray Scanner

Engineered in large tunnel sizes for palletized cargo screening

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Cargo Inspection

To help fight the increasing drug smuggling around the world, Nuctech has developed a great number of inspection systems. One type of inspection system that Nuctech offers is the vehicle and cargo scanning system. This type of inspection helps airports, harbors, and border checkpoints to detect contraband, explosives, and other illicit items in containers and vehicles. As you can imagine, there are many methods that can be used for scanning a vehicle or container. To name a few, scanning with a fixed inspection system, relocatable inspection system and even a mobile inspection system. For every need to create a safer world, Nuctech provides the solution.

Nuctech created many different cargo inspection devices. Each of those scanners is tailor-made to offer a solution to a safety problem certain institutions are facing. On this page, you can find the various cargo and vehicle inspection devices Nuctech has to offer.

Fixed, mobile, and relocatable cargo inspection systems

Whether you are looking for a fixed solution or a more portable settlement, Nuctech can facilitate it. The fixed cargo inspection system series that Nuctech offers is called the FG Series. This is the most powerful x-ray inspection system of the Nuctech product families. The FG Series is equipped with a 9/6 MeV Interlaced Dual-energy Electron Linear Accelerator to enable non-invasive inspection of cargo containers and the trucks that transport them.

Relocatable cargo and vehicle inspection systems

For the various inspection needs you have on a larger site, we offer the relocatable container and vehicle inspection system series (MB Series). The Nuctech MB series is ideal for for flexible relocation and combines interlaced Dual-energy (IDE) Imaging and Backscatter Imaging Technologies that help operators identify concealed contraband and dangerous material quickly and accurately.

Another easily relocatable series within the cargo inspection system category is the MR Series. These Robot-like inspection systems are equipped with wheels which makes it possible to move them around the facility. Next to that, these machines are equipped with a License Plate Recognition system (LPR), Container Code Recognition system (CCR), Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) and more.

Mobile cargo and vehicle inspection systems

For a more temporary vehicle and cargo scanning solution Nuctech has developed the MT and the BX series. The MT series contains X-ray inspection systems which are movible by driving it. In this case the surveillance system is mounted on a truck-like vehicle. The drivability of the device makes it possible to quickly add it to the inspection equipment for containers or vehicles on site.

Another mobile cargo inspection system within the Nuctech MT series is the MT6000A. This product is a container-like fast-scan device with a foldable design which can maximise the flexibility and convenience of the system for relocating and depolying.

The Nuctech BX series contains mobile cargo and vehicle inspection systems which adopt backscatter and x-ray technology to identify illicit items. Just like the MT series, the BX series conists of a drivable inspection system and a container-shaped one.

Nuctech cargo inspection systems for every location

Whether it is an airport, harbor or border control site, strict supervision on incoming contraband and other illicit substances is a must to keep people safe. To monitor everything that comes in you will need a device tailormade for your needs. This is where Nuctech comes in. Nuctech provides inspection systems with advanced technologies to detect prohibited substances within cargo moved by train, trucks and passenger vehicles. Moreover, Nuctech designed inspection devices specifically for air cargo and larger parcels.

Nuctech is a globally advanced provider of security inspection products and solutions regarding cargo and vehicle security. Nuctech has supplied customers in more than 170 countries and regions with excellent quality products and the most advanced innovative technology. Are you, after reading this, interested in cargo inspection solutions? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about what we can offer.

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