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The NUCTECH™ PB Series Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an ideal portal security solution for precise, non-intrusive inspections. The PB Series is engineered in single or dual-view versions and can be equipped with Interlaced Dual-energy (IDE) Imaging Technology to enhance inspection and material discrimination capabilities.

Despite requiring limited infrastructure, PB Series provides the state-of-the-art technology for inspecting conventional ocean-bound containers and cargoes mounted upon trucks, automobiles and cargo vans. Utilizing the PB Series, contraband, dangerous materials and other threats including narcotics, explosives and weapons are quickly and accurately detected.

Products of this Series

 Portal Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Vehicle And Cargo Inspection System

Portal Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

The NUCTECH™ PB2028TD Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System adopting Interlaced Dual-energy Electron Linear Accelerator as the radiation source is a dual-energy and dual-view inspection system.

  • High performance
  • Dual - view scanning
  • Equipped with conveyor

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