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The most powerful X-ray inspection system of the NUCTECH product families, the FG Series Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is equipped with a 9/6 MeV Interlaced Dual-energy Electron Linear Accelerator to enable non-invasive inspection of cargo containers and the trucks that transport them.

Optimised to prevent smugglers and terrorists from illicit operations at seaports, border crossings and airports, the latest FG product combines Computed Tomography (CT) and Digital Radiography (DR) Technologies to facilitate accurate material discrimination, fine suspicious objectives and detect potential threats including explosives, weapons and other contraband.

The FG Series leverages its innovative conveyor system and dedicated site location to create a seamless work environment and increase throughput to meet challenges associated with increased traffic and new threats.

Products of this Series

 Fixed Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Fixed Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

Fixed Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System

The NUCTECH™ FG9000DT Cargo/Vehicle CT Inspection System is the cargo/vehicle inspection system that combines Computer Tomography (CT) and traditional Digital Radiography (DR) technology.

  • CT Scanning
  • Angle-adjustable DR scanning
  • High Performance

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