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X-ray CT Inspection System


NUCTECH™ WooKong H X-ray CT Inspection System is the latest generation of X-ray CT inspection system developed and produced independently by Nuctech Company Limited.

By utilizing state-of-art stationary computed tomography (CT) technology, WooKong H breaks through the limitation of tunnel size and screening speed. Contraband hidden in the inspected items can be automatically detected. WooKong H provides a three-dimensional (3D) image and multi-slice images of the inspected item for clearly showing its contents.

Equipped with a popular tunnel opening of 1 meter wide by 1 meter high, as well as capable of being fully integrated with baggage handling system (BHS) and network integration system, WooKong H is an ideal solution for security inspection in various security-sensitive areas including but not limited to airports, Customs and stations, whereby significantly improving the security level.

  • CE Complied
  • ECAC EDS Standard 3.1 Approved
 NUCTECH™ X-ray CT Inspection Wookong H 2
 NUCTECH™ X-ray CT Inspection Wookong H 1
 NUCTECH™ X-ray CT Inspection Wookong H 2
 NUCTECH™ X-ray CT Inspection Wookong H 1

Technical features

  • Stationary CT Imaging Technology
Based on stationary CT imaging technology, WooKong H improves the performance fundamentally by improving the image quality, speeding up the scanning and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Auto-Detection
On the basis of dual-energy CT discrimination technology, WooKong H provides high performance of auto-detection of contraband such as explosives and narcotics.
  • High-Resolution Images
The item inspected by WooKong H is displayed in high-resolution color images of a 3D image, dual-view 2D images and CT slice images.
  • Large Tunnel
WooKong H builds a super-large square tunnel with 1 meter wide by 1 meter high which is capable of screening both in-gauge and out-of-gauge baggage.
  • High Throughput
The rated conveyor speed of WooKong H is 0.5 m/s providing high throughput.
  • Cost-Effective and Long Life-Cycle

WooKong H provides a long life-cycle in an economic way with ease of maintenance.

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