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X-ray CT Inspection System


NUCTECH™ Kylin Ti is a newly developed X-ray security inspection system for hand luggage. The advanced dual-energy technology deployed, Kylin Ti is capable of detecting explosives, liquid explosives, narcotics, and other contrabands automatically with a lower false alarm rate.

With a high belt speed and compact dimensions, the Kylin Ti is an ideal solution for screening baggage in airport checkpoints, Customs, critical infrastructures, governmental buildings, events, etc.

  • CE Complied
  • CSA Certified
  • ECAC EDSCB C3 Approved
 NUCTECH™ X-ray CT Inspection Kylin Ti
 NUCTECH™ X-ray CT Inspection Kylin Ti

Technical features

  • Designed to meet the latest regulations, ECAC EDSCB C3 approved.
  • Automatic detection on explosives and other contrabands with high detection rate and lower false alarm rate thanks to the dual-energy technology.
  • Generates sharp, 360° rotatable 3D image, CT slice image, and independent high-resolution 2D image.
  • Higher efficiency due to the 0.2m/s belt speed, fast image processing, and continuous scanning.
  • Plug-in installation due to compact machine dimensions, different voltage options, and standard platform design.
  • Integrates with Automatic Tray Return Systems and Centralized Image Processing Matrix, seamlessly integrates to existing checkpoint.
  • FlexOne™ training simulator and NUCTECH™ Security Training Cloud for online training.
  • WeKnow AI detection for weapons and customized items.

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