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Raman Spectrometer


NUCTECH™ RT6000S handheld identifier is the new generation of handheld detection equipment for the unknown material identification.

It is use for quick identification of drugs, precursor chemicals, dangerous liquids, explosives, jewellery, jade, industrial raw materials, etc. The device is compact and lightweight, with a weight of less than 500g. It is suitable for single hand operation and can be carried.

The built-in safety inspection module can detect the material without any difference. Detection of dark, black material without ignition risk. It has a 5-inch high sensitive touch screen with a built-in 13 million HD camera. Built-in WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth transmission module, providing intelligent operation experience.

 NUCTECH™ Raman Spectrometer RT6000S 1
 NUCTECH™ Raman Spectrometer RT6000S 2
 NUCTECH™ Raman Spectrometer RT6000S 1
 NUCTECH™ Raman Spectrometer RT6000S 2

Technical features

  • Handheld and ergonomic design
  • Analyze and identify substance in about 3 seconds typically
  • Extensive library - adding new spectrograms
  • Intelligent operation experience Built-in WIFI, 4G, camera and
    barcode scanner.
  • Accurate and rapid identification for suspicious substance,
  • Abundant result information: Material name and spectrogram. Full encyclopedic information

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