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Raman Spectrometer


RS 1500 handheld identifier is an advanced handheld inspection equipment for unknown material identification.

  • It uses near infrared laser and is more powerful in inspecting narcotics, explosives, dangerous liquids and chemical warfare agents, etc
  • The device is compact and lightweight, with a weight of about 600g
  • It is suitable for single hand operation and can be carried
  • It is suitable for colored material or material in colored containers
  • It is easy to use and gives clear results, no professional knowledge or skill is needed

 NUCTECH™ Raman Spectrometer RS1500
 NUCTECH™ Raman Spectrometer RS1500

Technical features

  • 1064nm Raman Technology
  • Analyze and identify substance in about several seconds typically
  • Extensive library - adding new spectrograms
  • Intelligent operation experience Built-in WIFI, 4G, camera and barcode scanner
  • Accurate and rapid identification for suspicious substance
  • Abundant result information: Material name and spectrogram Full encyclopedic

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