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AI Inspection System


The NUCTECH™ WEKNOW 300 Al inspection system, independently developed by Nuctech Company Limited, is one of the new generation intelligent image analysis products for X-ray scanners.

Based on deep learning algorithm, it is capable of automatic recognition of various contraband with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate. It provides invaluable support for security operators, reduces human factor influence and increases efficiency. WEKNOW 300 Al inspection system can be widely applied to X-ray scanners from various manufacturers in the market.

With flexible recognition algorithm configuration, it is an ideal solution for intelligent upgrade of security check in subway, railway, highway, government agencies, customs, airports, logistics, courts, procuratorates, public security bureau, exhibition venues and other security sensitive places

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ AI Inspection WEKNOW 300
 NUCTECH™ AI Inspection WEKNOW 300

Technical features

  • A Wide Range of Inspection

Automated detection of various contraband such as knives, guns firecrackers, battery, bottled liquid, light, pad, cellphone, laptop, power bank, nail polishand etc.The recognition algorithms can be flexibly configured according to users' needs to meet differing inspection requirements.

  • Apply to Various Types of X-ray scanners

Single-view and dual-view X-ray scanners from different manufactures are supported

  • Convenient Deployment

The deployment of this system is simple and fast without any hardware modification of the X-ray scanners.

  • Exclusive Inspection Algorithm

The deep learning recognition algorithm, independently developed by Nuctech and based on a large number of security inspection images, has superior performance with a high detection rate and low false alarm rate.

  • Consistent On-screen Resolution (OSR) Experience

The result of intelligent inspection is displayed on the original screening image which ensures users maintain their original working process. It also does not influence the speed of overall image evaluation. Little or no training is required for operators.

  • Strong Processing Capability

Independently developed software & hardware and efficient algorithm support the intelligent image recognition of several X-ray scanners from Nuctech

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