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Radioactivity Monitoring System for Persons


Nuctech Company Limited offers a series of Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitors to detect radioactivity and identify radionuclides, for preventing illicit trafficking of radioactive material at border and customs checkpoints, airports and nuclear power plants, etc.

Adopting advanced NaI(TI) gamma detector with multichannel analyzer, the Radionuclide Identification Portal Monitor is capable of providing rapid and reliable detection and identification for nuclides. NaI scintillators featuring high gamma-ray energy resolution are widely used for radionuclide identification applications. Optional neutron monitoring module can enhance detection capability of shielded Special Nuclear Material (SNM).

Nuctech offers a wide range of models with various configurations to meet devise application requirements. The RM1000NH is a walk-through portal for monitoring pedestrians, while the RM0300NH with a single pillar is suitable for monitoring pedestrians and in-line baggages. The RM2000NH is a double-sided type for monitoring vehicles and cargos RM3000NH is designed for the monitoring of trains. The RM0400NH characterised by lightweight portability is suitable for emergency response applications.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Radioactivity Monitoring System for Persons RM1000 NH
 NUCTECH™ Radioactivity Monitoring System for Persons RM1000 NH

Technical features

  • Unmatchable radioactivity detection and identification performance guaranteed by high sensitive detectors and unique algorithm
  • Reliable classification of SNM, NORM, medical and industrial nuclear materials
  • Reliable automatic spectrum stabilisation technology
  • Independently developed nuclide identifying software
  • Constant background updating
  • Local or remote information and alarm reading capability with LAN access
  • Rugged and weather-resistance design for operating under extremely adverse environmental conditions

RM Series Models

Vehicles Inspection:

NUCTECH™ RM2000 (Cargo)

NUCTECH™ RM2000NH (Cargo)

NUCTECH™ RM3000 (Railway)

NUCTECH™ RM3000NH (Railway)

Persons Inspection:



Handheld Inspection:



Environmental Inspection:



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