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Millimeter Wave Human Body Inspection System


NUCTECH™ MW1000AA is a high-performance, proven people screening solution designed and manufactured by NUCTECH.

The device uses safe, millimeter radio wave (MMW) technology to automatically detect concealed objects hidden inside or under clothing, including but not limited to metal/non-metallic weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics etc.

NUCTECHTM MW1000AA uses a wide-bandwidth three-dimensional holographic microwave imaging technique (with neural network-based deep learning) to achieve automatic threat recognition. The device requires a single stationary position from the person being scanned for a two second scan. No special movements are needed.

NUCTECHTM MW1000AA provides additional features in its compactness, high throughput and unique privacy protection. The personnel scanning device is adaptable and ideally suited for personal security inspections at airports, customs, train or subway stations, secret agencies, commercial buildings, military bases, special events and other checkpoints.

  • CE Complied
  • CSA Certified
  • ECAC SSC 2.1 Approved
 NUCTECH™ Millimeter Wave Human Body MW1000 AA 3
 NUCTECH™ Millimeter Wave Human Body MW1000 AA 3

Technical features

  • Millimeter wave imaging technology
Active millimeter wave imaging technology. No ionizing radiation emitted.
  • Superior inspection capability
Effective detection of metal/non-metallic weapons, lEDs, liquids and narcotics concealed under clothing.
  • Fast and efficient
Complete whole body scan less than 2 seconds with hand-down posture.
  • Privacy protection
Generic image displayed to protect privacy.
  • Automatic threat detection
Obtains ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) SSc A2.
Obtains CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) A level.
  • Multiple operation modes
Compatible with stand-alone mode (only local device), provide one or more re-check stations (shown generic picture) and remote work stations (shown real-image) upon requirement.
  • Environment friendly

Low power consumption, small footprint, wide channel, wheelchairs allowed.

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