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Relocatable Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System


NUCTECH™ MB1215DE is a new generation relocatable cargo/vehicle inspection system adopting electron linear accelerator as the radiation source.

The system presents the features of strong comprehensive performance, multiple scanning functions and large scanning scale. The Inspection System can be deployed at port, land border, airport or other places for scanning trucks, containers and all types of heavy vehicles and cargoes.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Relocatable Cargo and Vehicle Inspection MB1215 DE photo 2
 NUCTECH™ Relocatable Cargo and Vehicle Inspection MB1215 DE photo 2

Technical features

  • Material Discrimination
The system adopts Dual-energy Imaging Technology to discriminate organic, inorganic and mixed materials. Different materials are marked with specific colours, which helps in identifying the contraband and dangerous goods concealed among cargoes or hidden in the vehicle.
  • Easy Relocating and Rapid Deploying
Modularised design enables the system to be relocated easily and deployed in a short time after arriving at a new site.
  • High Penetration and Large Scanning Tunnel
The system provides high penetration capability, good quality and better resolution of the scanning images. With various types to choose, the system can scan standard and large containers and trucks for multi-purpose inspections.
  • Alternative Scanning Mode and Multiple Scanning Functions
The system provides two types of scanning mode for choice: standard mode and drive-through mode. Under the standard mode, the system can realise small-angle scanning and specific enhanced scanning which could meet the individual needs of customers and local market.
  • Optional Self-shielding Structure
Innovative radiation self-shielding structure could effectively reduce radiation protection area.
  • Reliable Radiation Safety

The system is designed with the safety of public and operators as paramount importance. It is equipped with safety devices including CCTV, PA, safety interlocks, etc. All the radiation protection criteria are met and in conformity with the relevant standards recommended by international organisations such as IAEA, ICRP and WHO.

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