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X-ray Human Body Inspection System


Body inspection system.

Full-body, micro-dose X-ray imaging system with a conveyer for automatic pass-through.

  • CE Complied
  • CSA Certified
 NUCTECH™ X-ray Human Body Inspection HT2000 GA 1
 NUCTECH™ X-ray Human Body Inspection HT2000 GA 1

Technical features

  • Contactless full-body X-ray imaging

Identifies threats hidden on and inside the body with one scan and without shoe removal.

  • Functionality

Customizable and optional image processing and operations functions including remote control, centralized management, smart terminals, and safety accessories.

  • Radiation safety

Complies with the IAEA and ANSI N43.17 standards.

  • User friendly

One-click scan, real-time imaging, modular design, and easy to install and maintain.

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