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Fast-Scan Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System


The NUCTECH™ FS6000(BX) Fast-Scan Container/Vehicle Inspection System is a dual-view and dual-energy fast-scan inspection system that is designed for high-traffic locations. The system allows driver to drive through the scanning tunnel and achieve non-stopping, non-intrusive inspection of trucks, cargo containers, empty containers and container interlayer.

By adopting X-ray transmission technology with high-penetration capability and backscatter imaging technology that highlights organic material, the system can provide more comprehensive image information of scanned objects and help operators identify concealed contraband and dangerous materials. The Inspection System is especially suitable for seaport, traffic hub, road traffic checkpoint or other places where 100% inspection is required while high traffic flow need to be maintained.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Fast Scan Cargo and Vehicle Inspection FS6000 BX
 NUCTECH™ Fast Scan Cargo and Vehicle Inspection FS6000 BX

Technical features

  • Multi-view Inspection

The Inspection System generates one side-view transmission image, one top-view back scatter image which can help image analyst to quickly locate the suspicious objects, or to verify the quantity of the goods. Up to two side-view back scatter modules can be installed as customization.

  • Reliable Radiation Safety

The Inspection System is designed with the safety of public and operators as paramount importance. It is equipped with safety devices including CCTV, PA, safety interlocks, etc. All the radiation protection criteria are met and in conformity with the relevant standards recommended by international organizations such as IAEA, ICRP and WHO.

  • High Throughput

Benefiting from the vehicle identification technology, the driver can stay in and drive the vehicle through the scanning tunnel to complete the inspection. The system will avoid radiation exposure at the driver cab and scan only the cargo part automatically. The throughput can reach 200 units per hour.

  • Material Discrimination

The Inspection System adopts dual-energy X-ray imaging technology to discriminate organic, inorganic and mixed materials. Different materials are marked with specific colors, which helps in identifying the contraband and dangerous goods concealed among cargoes or hidden in the vehicle.

  • Backscatter Imaging

Backscatter imaging technology can highlight low atomic number materials (e.g. explosives and drugs), which helps the analyst to find the contraband and dangerous goods concealed in the vehicle.

  • Multi-function Integration

The Inspection System can be integrated with various auxiliary devices including License Plate Recognition (LPR) System, Container Code Recognition (CCR) System and Radioactivity Monitor (RM), etc., hence providing comprehensive information of the goods under inspection. The surface spray disinfection device for cargo/vehicle can also be installed upon request.