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X-ray Inspection System


The NUCTECH™ CX150180D X-ray Inspection System comes from the most advanced and best proven CX product platform, and fully inherits and shares improved image quality with a variety of professional image enhancement processing functions, ergonomic and friendly user interface, intelligent networking capabilities and applications, excellent reliability and maintainability.

The CX150180D employs dual-view design, images of both vertical and horizontal views will be shown on monitors, so that the screener operator can effectively eliminate the uncertainty caused by object overlapping and better identify the inner information of the cargoes. The CX150180D has a large tunnel opening of 1550mm wide by 1806mm high, a low height and durable roller type conveyor, and a high steel penetration up to 50mm, so that it builds an optimal cost-performance solution for pallet cargoes and large luggage screening, and meets all advanced security and customs application demands at airports, seaports, rail transportation stations, and critical infrastructures, etc.

  • CE Complied
  • STAC Certified
  • CSA Certified
 NUCTECH™ X-ray Inspection CX150180 D 1
 NUCTECH™ X-ray Inspection CX150180 D 2
 NUCTECH™ X-ray Inspection CX150180 D 1
 NUCTECH™ X-ray Inspection CX150180 D 2

Technical features

  • Excellent image performance with steel penetration up to 50mm, and high objects identification capability complying with EU and China technical standards for aviation security equipment.
  • Dual-view x-ray imaging design provides more efficient identification of weapons and contrabands, and meets advanced screening application demands.
  • Heavy-duty roller conveyor with load capacity up to 3000kg, and higher load capacity is customizable.
  • Outstanding accuracy of atomic number signatures acquired builds perfect color coding of materials in x-ray images, and offers high level explosives & narcotics detection.
  • Ergonomic, icon-marked and customizable special keyboards, as well as friendly and easy-to-use software interface create efficient and optimal user experience.
  • Windows based computer platform builds powerful network capabilities with good compatibility and easy extendibility, and gains great advantages in x-ray screening operating by network applications.
  • Designed with hermetic radiation safety protection, x-ray leakage around the equipment is close to natural background x-ray dose level, and complies with all general international safety and health standards.

CX Series Models

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Cargo Inspection:

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