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Passenger Car Inspection System


The NUCTECH™ CS1000TS Passenger Car Inspection System is a relocatable top-view passenger vehicle inspection system for cars and vans.

The inspection system adopts a specified conveyor to transport cars through the scanning tunnel and generates high quality top-view scanning images. Powerful software tools can help analysts to identify concealed contraband or dangerous materials hidden in cars. The key features of the system include no civil works, small footprint and easy installation, etc. It can be flexibly deployed at land border, police checkpoint, and entry of a large-scale event (e.g. important conference, sports event and major exhibitions).

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Passenger Car Inspection CS0200 TS
 NUCTECH™ Passenger Car Inspection CS0200 TS

Technical features

  • Easy Relocation and Rapid Deployment
The Inspection System adopts modularized and light-weighted design and does not need civil work. It can be relocated and deployed in a very short time.
  • Material Discrimination
The Inspection System adopts dual-energy X-ray imaging technology to discriminate organic, inorganic and mixed materials. Different materials are marked with specific colors, which helps in identifying the contraband and dangerous goods hidden in the car.
  • Specified Conveyor
The Inspection System is equipped with a specified two-piece conveyor, which ensures that cars will be parked and transported safely and smoothly without impacting imaging results.
  • Self-shielding Structures (Optional)
The Inspection System adopts self-shielding structures, which effectively reduce the radiation protection area.
  • High-quality top-view scanning image
The Inspection System can provide high penetration scan and generate excellent top-view scanning image to help analysts to identify concealed contraband or dangerous materials. It is particularly suitable for a chassis inspection.
  • Alternative Scanning Mode

The Inspection System can provide two types of scanning mode for choice: conveying mode and drive-through mode, which can flexibly meet the individual needs of customers and local markets.

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