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Air Cargo Inspection System


The NUCTECH™ AC6000DE Air Cargo Inspection System adopting electron linear accelerator as the radiation source is ideal for the inspection of bulk palletised cargos and airfreight containers.

The system conveyor runs smoothly and its inspection procedure matches the airfreight flow, which makes it possible for fast inspection without opening.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Air Cargo Inspection AC6000 DE
 NUCTECH™ Air Cargo Inspection AC6000 DE

Technical features

  • Material Discrimination
The Inspection System adopts Dual-energy Imaging Technology to discriminate organic, inorganic and mixed materials. Different materials are marked with specific colors, which helps in identifying the contraband and dangerous goods concealed among cargoes or hidden in the airfreight containers.
  • High Penetration, Small Footprint
The system with small footprint, high detection sensitivity and excellent image quality, could inspect heavy air cargoes that X-ray inspection machine could not penetrate.
  • Conveying Smoothly
With high carrying capacity, it can fully meet the weight requirement of the air cargo. Highly stable conveyor, upload and download platforms are used to assist the loading of cargoes, effectively reducing the shaking of goods in the process of conveying, and ensuring the image quality.
  • Large Scanning Tunnel
The scanning tunnel is wide enough to meet the requirement of most air cargos’ and pallet goods’ sizes, including those for Boeing 747 freight plane, Airbus A380 freight plane and etc.
  • Comfortable Operation Environment
The Inspection System provides two kinds of operation conditions, using fixed facility or a special designed operation cabin with comfortable and roomy working environment. It enables several operators to work together simultaneously.
  • Reliable Radiation Safety

The Inspection System is designed with the safety of public and operators as paramount importance. It is equipped with safety devices including CCTV, PA, safety interlocks, etc. All the radiation protection criteria are met and inconformity with the relevant standards recommended by international organisations such as IAEA, ICRP and WHO.

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