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Consolidated Air Cargo CT inspection system

The NUCTECH™ CTitan Consolidated Air Cargo CT Inspection System is the first air cargo CT equipment that is designed to fully meet the needs and applications of air cargo transportation.

Compared with conventional air cargo scanner, the CTitan employs the most advanced X-ray CT imaging technology and has outstanding material recognition capability. It uses X-ray generators to scan air cargo and detectors to receive the data, which can generate high-resolution 3D images, 2D images, slice images, together with automatic detection function to assist inspector to identify dangerous or smuggled goods hidden inside the air cargo in a non-intrusive way. The CTitan is suitable for the main trunk airport and large freight hub terminal and improve the cargo handling efficiency and security.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Consolidated Air Cargo CT Inspection CTitan
 NUCTECH™ Consolidated Air Cargo CT Inspection CTitan

Technical features

  • Innovatively designed air cargo inspection system using Computed Tomography technology.
  • Automated detection of various contraband such as explosives, lithium battery, mercury satisfying security needs for airports.
  • With the dual-energy CT technology, multi-dimensional information such as object density and effective atomic number can be measured.
  • Display 3D image of air cargo in 360 degrees free of blind corners and identifying contraband more easily with a more intuitive image.
  • Easier to detect contraband concealed in layers or placed a particular angle.
  • Display high-resolution DR images in a vivid way.
  • Supports remote resolutions, operations and diagnosis and shares data between different areas with the help of cloud computing technology.
  • Modular design enables easy replacement of key components and convenient maintenance, reducing time and labor.

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