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X-ray Human Body Inspection System


NUCTECH™ TH1800 Terahertz Imaging Instrument is a high-performance, stand-off people screening solution designed and manufactured by NUCTECH. It can detect objects concealed under clothing, including but not limited to: metal/non-metal weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics, explosive suicide belts, etc.

NUCTECH™ TH1800 receives the terahertz signal emitted from the human body to form a high contrast, real-time terahertz image with automatic threat detection. High resolution cameras are integrated into the system to assist the operator in the detection of contraband. NUCTECH™ TH1800 has many applications for the rapid screening of people at airports, customs facilities, rail transportation, schools, government facilities, special events, loss & prevention and other types of checkpoints.

  • CE Complied
 NUCTECH™ Terahertz Imaging System TH1800 3
 NUCTECH™ Terahertz Imaging System TH1800 2
 NUCTECH™ Terahertz Imaging System TH1800 3
 NUCTECH™ Terahertz Imaging System TH1800 2

Technical features

  • Passive terahertz technology
Passive submillimeter-wave (THz) imaging technology. No ionizing radiation emitted.
  • Real time imaging of people without their knowledge - stealthlike
Rapid screening. Can do non-contact body screening without stopping individuals.
  • Privacy protection
Scanned image does not show detailed body surface features - no privacy issues.
  • Superior inspection capability
Effective detection of metal/non-metal weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics concealed under clothing and suicide vest.
  • High throughput
Detection distance up to 4 meters, throughput rate more than 1000 person per hour.
  • Automatic threat recognition
Based on deep learning technique, can automatically locate suspected items.
  • Covert and easy deployment

Small footprint, plug & play.

TH Series Models


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