28/02/2023 - Blog post

We Offer E-bike for Our Employees

Nuctech Netherlands pays attention to employee’s health. It encourages and offers e-bikes for our employees. Over 1,000 km have already been cycled by our employees!

The technology gives you the extra oomph you need to cover miles of distance with little effort. You can also still take advantage of the multi-purpose cycle lane and paths that are traffic free, brilliant if you’re living in a city to slash your commute time.

Climate change and global warming are serious issues and we all need to play our part. We might be facing our last stand to save our dying earth, and we can all contribute to this. E-bikes emit lower pollution per kilometre than motorcycles and cars.

Collaborated with Movelo, Nuctech Netherlands is happy to find a flexible, healthy and nature-friendly transportation solution for its employees.