07/03/2022 - Press release

We are On a Mission to Fight Climate Change

We are proud to announce our partnership with Regreener B.V to compensate our carbon footprint and regreen the world.

Carbon emissions are rising. The carbon ‘footprint’ of individuals, companies and governments is heating the planet, approaching a 2°C degree-rise tipping point. The consequences are paramount. Extreme weather conditions,25 per cent animal species extinction threat, and ultimately: a planet that becomes unhabitable.

At Nuctech we are very much aware of our social responsibility. In order to regreen the planet NUCTECH Europe supports the best climate change fighting solutions. We partner with Regreener B.V and the most reliable and sustainable organizations and projects out there in order to make a lasting impact on nature and communities. Our partners provide us with monthly updates and reports, making it possible for us to share our progress in a high trust and transparent way.

We support the following projects:

Carbon Footprint Mozanbique

• Tree planting in Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia

• Rainforest protection in Ecuador

• Green energy and renewables (such as wind and solar)

Projects we have involved have been carefully selected based on three criteria: a proven track record in CO2-sequestration, a positive impact on biodiversity and creating jobs for local communities.

Nuctech Carbon Footprint Kenya

About Regreener

Regreener is a Dutch company focusing on combatting climate changes. They make it possible for every individual and every business to have a positive impact on our planet, by offsetting the negative impact we all have. Transparency is at the core of what they do: 75% of our revenue goes to green projects, contributors can monitor their impact and thereby inspire others to follow suit.

Let’s fight climate change together!

All supported projects can be found at: https://regreener.earth/Nuctec...