29/10/2020 - Blog post

Transparent, Equal Dialogue Will Lead to Digital Transformation


October 29, 2020 10:06 am

As the world hopes to put an end to the coronavirus pandemic, the ‘new normal’ will have to deal with the challenges of overcoming the sense of vulnerability and rebuilding confidence in governments, industries and global security.

With challenges come opportunities. Just like everything changed after 9/11 — from increased international security cooperation to stricter travel safety measures — COVID-19 is an opportunity to speed up transformation to a safer, better connected and a more secure world. A world with no place for geopolitical and technological prejudice.

This is especially relevant for Europe, which is undergoing digital transformation and aims to become a global role model for the digital economy. This transformation would require a transparent and equal dialogue, in which quality and technological excellence, not politics, must be the main building blocks.

Nuctech is a global manufacturer of security and inspection equipment of Chinese origin with strong European identity. We develop state-of-the-art equipment in aviation, maritime and road transport, personal screening, urban security and other sectors.

“Thanks to Nuctech’s equipment, drug smuggling was recently prevented in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.”

Europe is an integral part of Nuctech’s ecosystem. Most of our equipment is manufactured in Warsaw with strong support from our research and development center in Rotterdam. Not only does this create jobs for local workers and suppliers, but it also ensures fast development time and lower production costs. This ‘made in Europe’ tag makes our value proposition truly unique.

Efficient inspection of individuals, goods, vehicles and belongings require advanced technological solutions. Our strong partnerships with innovators and researchers, including universities in the Netherlands and other innovative centers across Europe, deliver cutting-edge technologies and drive the digital innovation of the European security inspection market.

Post COVID-19, much attention will be directed towards health and safety. However, security must never be compromised. Crime and terrorism remain major international threats. Unlike COVID-19, they will not go away. Such threats can only be eliminated by developing innovative solutions to security and creating a safer world in international partnership.

Thanks to Nuctech’s equipment, drug smuggling was recently prevented in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, seizing tons of cannabis worth around $25 million. In airports, Nuctech’s baggage-screening technology with the highest performance standards delivers extremely accurate imaging technology, ensuring the robust security of airports and passengers. For example, using Nuctech’s X-ray equipment at one of the European airports achieved a 25 percent increase in the airport’s baggage handling capacity. This allowed the airport to cope with the growing passenger traffic more efficiently.

In addition to high functionality and strong performance, Nuctech places data security at the core of our product strategy. We have been operating in the European security market for 17 years. Throughout this time, no data incident has ever been reported by any of our clients.

“Our equipment is protected from illegal data collection and security breaches.”

It is not sheer luck: as early as at the design stage, we make sure our equipment is protected from illegal data collection and security breaches. Data generated by Nuctech’s products during use belongs to our customers only — the company does not have any access to it whatsoever. Any infringement would alarm the system and be immediately reported to a customer for investigation.

Data protection is further ensured by thorough controls from state authorities and independent third-party bodies, before Nuctech’s equipment is even put in use. Our message is simple: “It is our technology, your data.”

We take this issue very seriously: full adherence to data protection in Europe and worldwide is an integral part of Nuctech’s corporate policy. Our clients’ longstanding trust is the best proof of our commitment.

Looking forward, technology advancements and increasing connectivity will pave the way for enrolling artificial intelligence (AI) and making security screening and inspection safer and more contactless.

“It is our technology, your data.”

AI algorithms will help security officials — airport and ports operators, customs authorities, government representatives — to efficiently analyze large amounts of data, ensure more accurate risk assessments and achieve higher security standards.

With this we will move towards the future vision of contactless security checkpoints, which would restart the movement of goods and people — all while minimizing health risks, strengthening confidence and increasing security within Europe and worldwide.

More than ever, a transparent and equal dialogue with no prejudice is required to secure a successful digital transformation to such key principles as AI, data protection and public security.

In the post-pandemic future, the ‘new normal’ should start with an increased international cooperation to ensure coordinated response to threats, accelerate technological progress and foster knowledge exchange. Nuctech is keen to work with our European partners and customers to make this future real.

About Nuctech: Nuctech Company Limited is a worldwide leading security and inspection solution supplier. Of Chinese parentage and with strong European presence, it provides advanced technologies in the security inspection industry to its customers from 170 countries and regions in the world.