01/02/2021 - Press release

Nuctech’s Principles

Responding to the publication in Het Financieele Dagblad from 31 January 2021, Mr. Robert Bos, Deputy Director General of Nuctech Netherlands, said: “Nuctech is not involved in any malpractice. All data generated by our devices belong to our customers only – neither to us, nor to the EU Member States, and certainly not to the Chinese government.”

As a global leader in cutting-edge security inspection equipment, with production facilities in Poland Nuctech is committed to delivering data security, innovative technologies and strong customer service in Europe and worldwide. We are determined to maintain our solid reputation by contesting any inaccurate facts or misconceptions.

Transparency and equal dialogue are crucial in all international relations. China is an undeniable important player in the global market. But so is the EU with the high quality and safety standards it sets in many fields. Together, we can speed up transformation to a safer, better connected and a more secure world. And this should be a world where there is no place for geopolitical or technological prejudice.