24/01/2022 - Press release

Nuctech’s Commercial Performance Must be judged on Merit With No Political Prejudice

In response to the Associated Press article (“Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military”, 20 January 2022), Nuctech would like once again to stress that it is a self-supporting and profitable company, fully independent from any government policies.

Nuctech’s commercial success builds on constant technological research, respect for clients’ needs and hard work. Our state-of-the-art security equipment fosters competition in the European security market. This keeps prices at reasonable levels whilst ensuring high quality and a large choice of goods and services.

Data protection is at the core of Nuctech equipment design. It is simply not designed to process any data. Most of our products used in Europe also operate offline and none of them is linked to any external network. Where Nuctech’s equipment does not operate on a “stand-alone” basis, it is linked to intranet networks operated by Nuctech’s customers. Such networks are subject to strictly secured access protocols and firewalls designed and implemented by Nuctech’s customers without any intervention of Nuctech.

We abide by the highest EU standards on personal data protection, electronic privacy, circulation of non-personal data and cybersecurity. If one of these standards would not be met, our equipment would not be even put in use.

Our equipment helps protect European borders from drug smuggling and terrorism. In 2021, with the help of Nuctech’s equipment, the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam seized an all-time record amount of cocaine worth Eur 18bn. At airports, Nuctech’s X-ray equipment helps increase baggage capacity and cope with the growing passenger traffic more efficiently.

Nuctech has proven its commitment to the European economy and customers. We are the only European integrated producer of scanning equipment, with manufacturing operations in Poland since 2008, unlike any of our competitors.

Nuctech provides about 200 direct and 2000 indirect jobs for Europeans. Our manufacturing facility in the Polish town of Kobylka brought €22mn of investments to the Polish economy since 2005. The company’s turnover reached €40mn in 2019. Nuctech paid the Polish government €1mn in taxes in 2021 and €4mn in the past five years. Our European supply chain allows Nuctech to offer competitive prices to our customers.

Under any standard of assessment, Nuctech operates in Europe as a truly European company.

We win tenders in full compliance with the EU procurement Directives and regulation and are delighted to offer the most suitable equipment to our customers.

It is therefore unfortunate to see our business performance being tarnished by unfounded allegations built on political prejudice. The Chinese government does not control Nuctech’s corporate management nor its business decisions anywhere in the world. All our investors, public and private, are focused on the results and return on investment.

Anti-Chinese sentiments only play into the hands of our competitors, who distort market competition to the detriment of European consumers and taxpayers. Our business mentality is focused on providing our customers with top-notch security equipment. Nuctech wants to be judged to merit, not nationality.