10/10/2022 - News

Nuctech serves the Boao Forum for Asia for the tenth time

NUCTECH provided dual-view X-ray scanners, explosive detectors, liquid inspectors, under-vehicle inspection robots, security gates, handheld metal detectors, and other products as a comprehensive security solution for the Boao Forum, meeting the needs for accurate inspection such as explosive detection and hazardous liquid identification.

The company has consistently demonstrated its greatest performance in recent years at events such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, global forums, or international summits. NUCTECH has earned the trust and appreciation of numerous event organisers due to its innovative technology and skilled executive staff.

With over 20 years of industry experience, NUCTECH has provided high-quality and professional service guarantee for large-scale international event security, earning the trust of many customers.

NUCTECH offers one of the most diverse product lines in the security and screening industry. Mobile, cargo and vehicle inspection, luggage and package inspection, people screening, explosives and narcotics detection, and liquids inspection are the most prominent of these.

We will strive to make the world a safer place through innovating detection and screening technology.

NUCTECH products are widely utilised in over 170 nations and regions worldwide as a leading global security inspection and solutions supplier.

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