25/07/2022 - Blog post

NUCTECH Plays an Important Role in the Fight against Drugs Globally

NUCTECH has greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of drug detection and helped the customs and related agencies around the world to stop a large amount of drugs from flowing into the society.

In response to the emergence of new forms of drug smuggling Nuctech is utilising X-ray imaging, computed tomography, ion mobility spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, to develop advanced solutions of drug detection and rapid on-site identification.

From Manual Image Recognition to Artificial Intelligent Image Recognition

The image recognition generated by traditional X-ray imaging products requires completion by technical professionals. Which means the accuracy and efficiency of image recognition is depending on the expertise and performance level of technical personnel.

To enhance the accuracy and efficiency of drug detection, NUCTECH has developed an automated Intelligent Image Recognition System. This system can identify drugs effectively on the basis of scanned images and mark their positions through AI Image Processing. It brings great convenience to investigate drug smuggling cases.

Another product of NUCTECH that brings convenience to drug detection is the CT Baggage/Parcel Inspection System. This device can effectively solve the problem of overlapping objects that are difficult to distinguish. It performs 3D imaging and automated image recognition of drugs and other concealed contraband. Furthermore, it marks the position of the illicit objects accurately.

The effectiveness regarding contraband detection of NUCTECH its equipment is not exclusive to smaller possessions. The NUCTECH Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System has been widely deployed in airports and harbours around the world. Through this system, the inspection staff at customs can successfully discover the contraband hidden in cargo, or in the interlayer of the containers and vehicles without opening the containers.

By Fast Screening and Accurate identification, Trace Detectors Make it Impossible to hide Drugs

Adopting a patented trace detection technology based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry, NUCTECH’s TR Series, containing Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detectors (ETD), provide high sensitivity and an expandable detection library to quickly analyse suspected threats and adapt to new security challenges and mandates.

By wiping the internal and external surfaces of luggage and items, It can quickly detect nanogram level (10-9 grams) drugs residual and highly toxic (fentanyl-type) substances in seconds. It has become a powerful tool to detect drugs, explosives and narcotics. These days it is widely used in many countries and regions in the world.

Another NUCTECH product that helps customs with detecting illicit items is the Raman spectroscopy based NUCTECH Handheld Substance Identifier. Without opening the package, the NUCTECH Handheld Substance Identifier can inspect transparent / translucent glass, plastic, envelopes, colored HDPE plastic bottles and other packaging materials. This device is able to analyse and identify substances in seconds.

Furthermore, the NUCTECH Infrared Laser Drug and Explosive Detector can quickly and accurately, just like the handheld, identify threats in the field without the need to send samples to the laboratory for testing. This is to protect the safety of the inspection staff.

To detect small amounts of particles and powders in the field, it has a micro-area imaging function which allows the beam to be accurately focused on the suspected sample for detection, ensuring reliable sample information is obtained.

In recent years, NUCTECH’s high-tech products have played an important role in assisting the global customs and border control agencies to fight against drug trafficking.

As a leading global security inspection and solutions provider, NUCTECH products are widely used in more than 170 countries and regions around the world.

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