15/08/2022 - Blog post

NUCTECH Intelligent Image Recognition System: Accurate, Efficient and Fast!

NUCTECH's Intelligent Image Recognition System can compare and analyse the scanned-images of cargo and vehicles automatically, and quickly identify contraband such as firearms, knives, drugs, ivory products and high-taxable commodities.

Without opening the container, the Intelligent Image Recognition System can thoroughly inspect the contents of a container, which enables inspection staff to identify contraband quickly and accurately within seconds. If no contraband is detected inside a container, the Intelligent Image Recognition System is able to give permission to release the container automatically. This dramatically saves time on the inspection procedure duration

"We were a bit worried about that the customs inspection speed would affect the supplies of our production line, as this year’s orders are particularly larger. However, most of our containers were automatically released by the Customs Intelligent Image Recognition Inspection System. It took less than one day from the moment the ship arrived till the cargo was delivered.”

The logistic manager of this company commented that he didn’t expect it to be this fast.

Using the NUCTECH's Intelligent Image Recognition System, inspections can be performed faster and more accurately, resulting in a higher throughput while causing minimal disruption to the logistics processes.

NUCTECH continues optimising the AI algorithm and improving the accuracy of the Intelligent Image Recognition Inspection System, to ensure the customs clearance services are "fast, accurate and efficient”.

As a leading global security inspection and solutions provider, NUCTECH products are widely used in more than 170 countries and regions around the world.

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