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C++ Software Engineer -Location : Netherlands

Company information

Nuctech is a globally advanced provider of security inspection equipment, products and solutions. Building on independent innovations and customer demands, Nuctech has supplied customers in more than 170 countries and regions with the most advanced innovative technologies, excellent quality products and integrated security inspection systems. Nuctech has one of the most extensive product portfolios in the security and screening sector. The most representative of these are the mobile, cargo and vehicle inspection, baggage and parcel inspection, personnel screening, explosives, narcotics detection and liquids inspection. We deliver to clients in aviation, ports & borders, public security and a vast variety of industries. Nuctech Netherlands is the sales, marketing, and R&D center for Nuctech in Europe.

Job Description

Responsible for the development,debugging,operation and maintenance of equipment software(OIS)

According to business requirements,carry out technical coding,and realize software functions

The development of process control&high performance computing for server-end and management function for client-end

Travel according to the needs of customers and the company, provide technical support for customers, and participate in the analysis and troubleshooting of product and system problems

Job Requirement

  1. Bachelor's degree or higher in a computer, communications, or electronics-related major
  1. Proficient in C++/C,multi-threading,STL,memory pool,thread pool,DB,image processing

Familiar with inter-process communication, message queue,network communication, XML/json/protobuf and other technologies

Familiar with programming in Win32 or Linux environment

Strong design and documentation skills, familiar with UML and software engineering

Good communication skills and independent problem solving skills

Comfortable with international business trips. Flexible with working hours if required

Special skills as plus

  1. Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills, capable of working efficiently with team members
  1. Experience in industrial control and system interconnection, data acquisition and processing, high performance computing,image processing is preferred

Contact : tracy.li@nuctech.com


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